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It’s about hands.  


I love the earth, and digging my hands into it, feeling and smelling the solid, simple substance that roots and creates such magic.  This spring I had the chance to dig my hands into the rich earth of Skyline’s gardens.  Tiny seedlings and sprouts waiting to be planted, and to awe us with their delicious gifts.  Onions, herbs, strawberry plants, asparagus, and so much more.  It started in our hands.  Farmers all about the area are leading the way, preparing the gardens, hoping for bounty.  Spring.  In our hands.  


Summer blossomed with sunshine, rain, sometimes wind, and long days, providing what was needed for the vegetables and flowers to grow.  Hands were necessary as well. The hands of loving gardeners, eager campers and volunteers, and talented cooks who knew that a bounty of fresh, local, delicious food was nearly ready.   Thinning and weeding and care were entrusted to us.  Farmers all about continue to lead the way, nurturing the gardens, seeing the promise of the bounty to come.  Summer.  In our hands.  


And now the season of harvest.  Tiny seeds have grown to full size and strength, and bear tomatoes, peas, berries, lettuces, onions, asparagus, and more. The generous bounty is astounding, and beautiful confirmation that hard work, faith in nature’s wisdom, and connecting with the land is important and rewarding.  Now, there is enough to feed many.  Enough to share the harvest.  At Tour de Food, local farmers will continue to lead the way, with their colorful wares displayed and ready to be enjoyed by all.  Harvest.  In their hands.  


As you ride or drive the route, and return to Skyline, perhaps to join us for a lovely meal, notice the hands of the farmers and growers, the cooks and servers, the people who provide such delicious food for us to enjoy.  Shake a hand or two… and be sure to notice the color, fragrance and unique beauty of the food you find at Tour de Food, 2015.  A ripe, tomato still warm from the sun, a luscious crisp apple, an ear of sweet corn… as it is now in your hands.

by Kay Huberty, Certified Nutritional Consultant and

Skyline Board President