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At the Skyline Farm house stop, we are trying out a new idea this year: a kids homegrown/homemade marketplace. We had been thinking about doing something like this for a while, and we finally got to it.


We are starting with just my sister Evie, a few friends and I, making crafts, tea, and a bunch of cool stuff we either made or grew. Our stand will have tea tasters, dried herbs, homemade dream catchers, and we hope to have wooden coasters and catnip toys and more.


For the tea we go out onto Skyline’s property and harvest herbs like mint, catnip, lemon balm, nettles (don’t worry, they won’t sting you!), sassafras, and raspberry leaves. We tie them in bundles and hang them up to dry. Then we take the leaves off the stems and crush the leaves and steep them in hot water, to make tea. We use licorice to sweeten the tea, but we don’t grow it.


For the dream catchers we tromped through the woods with clippers and cut down vines to twist into the frames of the dream catchers. We made those in a day and now I am slowly making my way through the weaving part, then the decorating.  They’re a great gift. I’ve made so many you’d think I had really, really bad dreams.


We love markets and always have wanted to have one, this is our first time actually having one. I’m super excited and hope to see you there!

by Jacinta Henry

Skyline Junior Ambassador

Age 12

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