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It was cool enough for a jacket this morning.  The heavy dew lasted longer than my jacket though.  Something about a cool night and hot day makes the dew last until noon in the sun and later in the shade.  Rubber boots are better than leather when it is so wet underfoot.  The dew comes right through the leather and around the steel toe, inevitably turning my toes to raisins and my white cotton socks a pleasant brick tone.  Rubber boots, rolled down to let the steam rise, are my go-to these days.


Cool evenings really bring the Fall feeling for me.  Shadows cast early and the heat of the day blows away and the cool moves in like a liquid, bringing behind it the memories in the form of a smell.  It is wet leaves and dirt and dew and apples and acorns and pine needles and pine pitch and chainsaw dust and bar and chain oil and potatoes pulled from the warm earth and pumpkins and pumpkin stems and pumpkin pie and the first frost and the first snow and the New Year and the cycle of the seasons and the passage of time.  Smells so good that I have to stop and take a deep breath, in through the nose where the feeling starts.  It moves down until the lungs are full and it sits on top of the stomach, but not for long, reappearing as a wide grin and the promise of good things to come.  I take another breath and enjoy it all over again.

by Shawn McCloskey

Mainteance Supervisor,

Board Member, Skyline Camp & Retreat Center

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