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The map! Making the map for the initial Tour de Food in 2012 became one of my jobs as a committee member. Made sense – my husband and I own a print shop! Sure – we can do that! And after much pondering and editing and discussion the first map was born!


It came to life though as my husband and I drove some of those routes to pick up the locally grown food the folks on the bike tour had purchased. One of our stops was a cider mill that took me back to an autumn job in my high school days. Then there was the pottery with wonderful beautiful pieces – out here in the middle of the country! And then all of the vegetable stands and the pie shop and the fresh eggs!

Throw in some of the most beautiful back country roads and scenery and there you have the recipe for one of the best rides – by car or bike – in Southeast Michigan. We’ve only made things better in the ensuing 3 years – making the ride easier, offering education at each stop, and improving on the farm to fork harvest dinner menu and seating!


Please come and join us this year and get ready for some of the most beautiful scenery, interesting farms and people and delicious food along the M-53 corridor!

by Ann Reinman, Business Owner &

Skyline Board Member