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The Routes

Cyclists ride on dirt & gravel roads around the hills of Almont, Bruce and Dryden, stopping along the route to meet local farmers & artisans. Those driving will enjoy the same scenic cruise with the addition of a few extra farms, including those on the Farm Country Day Tour Map.  


Choose from a variety of route options:


Tiny Trips: There are always 3 or 4 farms within a mile or two from Skyline. Pick one or two of these farms to visit if you want a short trip or are biking with children or less experienced riders. The map will tell you exactly how far these stops are from Skyline and where the big hills are.  


10 mile route: This route will take at least a couple of hours if you take into account the hills, the roads and stopping at Tour de Food stops.  


20 mile route: You will want to begin this route nice & early so you have time to enjoy all of the stops. There will be markers on the map indicating food, lunch, bathrooms, and estimated ride times between stops.  



TDF 14 rout map thbmnl

2015 Map (pdf)

2015 Event details - to give you an idea until the 2016 event is developed....